Hello, welcome to the first post in the cunīcu project blog!

While the project is still in its infancy there are some updates in TL;DR.

First release

We are planning to publish the first official release within the next 4-10 weeks 🎉. The release pipeline, packaging and self-update feature and more has already been implemented. We just need to finish the last features and do quite some more testing.

Website, Docs and Twitter

The project has now its dedicated website, GitHub organization and Twitter handle (@cunicuVPN). Feel free to follow us there for updates!

You might also have realized that the project name has changed. We decided to rebrand from the previous name wice to avoid any potential trademark issues with the WireGuard project as well as another small German company named WICE. The project name cunīcu [kʊˈniːkʊ] is derived from the latin noun cunīculus which means rabbit, a rabbit burrow or underground tunnel. We have choosen it as a name for this project as cunīcu builds tunnels between otherwise hard to reach network locations.

This also gave us the opportunity to redesign the logo which you find further down in the sticker design.


We have stickers! Just reach out and I will send you some or talk to me at some of the upcoming conferences.

The sticker design
The sticker design

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